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VS2008 site running port and Eset Nod32 4.0 issue

Recently I had a problem with my personal AV Nod32 version 4.0 . Problem  was that after  we had usual everyday update and when  I  was try to start my web site project it show an "The page cannot  be displayed"  After some checking  I  saw  that port where site was  running is different then port in IE URL  :$:
Then I  use my  special magic trick and ask the "Mighty Google" to show me successful path to solve my problem X:D  
 To solve it I excluded VS2008 from the active browser filtering - this is in: setup -> advanced firewall setup -> antivirus & anti spy ware -> web access protection -> HTTP -> web browsers
Deselecting vsdev , devenv.exe  in here fixed the problem - interestingly enough disabling the firewall and antivirus / antispyware did not solve the issue, so it is worth looking for a similar setting if you are running different security software:
Problem was  exterminated successfully :))

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  1. I had that problem year a go, and i didn't realize it is antivirus issue.
    Great article.

  2. Thanks Bahrudine , It happens very often after some Nod32 updates.

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