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IT Black Belt - Announcing my new big project

Professional programming community with purpose to provide tribute to successful individuals/communities/companies.

Black Belt will be a way to promote deserving individuals, companies and all those who adequately doing their work on community development. Who unselfishly spread knowledge and provide assistance to those who need the help.

There are many ideas of how the belt colors in the martial arts came to be, some more romantic than others. One quaint tale says that students of a karate school would be given a white belt. The students’ belts would gradually become stained darker from use and eventually a person who was of a high standard and who had trained for a long time would then have a black/brown/dirt colored belt. This is an inspiring way to encourage students to train harder, and might have its basis in truth since martial arts practitioners as a general rule don’t wash their belts after training.The systematic use of belt colour to denote the rank was first used by Kano Jigoro, the founder of judo, who first devised the colored belt system using obi, and awarded the first black belts to denote a Dan rank in the 1880s. Initially the wide obi was used; as practitioners trained in kimono, only white and black obi were used. It was not until the early 1900s, after the introduction of the judogi, that an expanded colored belt system of awarding rank was created.Idea for using colored belt system in IT has goal to promote and to provide tribute to meritorious and successful individuals/communities/companies.We will use partially changed Kyokushin Karate grading system:

Orange Belt
Blue Belt
Yellow Belt
Green Belt
Brown Belt

Shodan Black Belt 1st Dan
Nidan Black Belt 2nd Dan
Sandan Black Belt 3rd Dan
Yondan Black Belt 4th Dan
Godan Black Belt 5th Dan
Rokudan Black Belt 6th Dan
Shichidan Black Belt 7th Dan
Hachidan Black Belt 8th Dan
Kyudan Black Belt 9th Dan
Jyudan Black Belt 10th Dan

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