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Problem uninstalling or repairing Visual Studio 2012 in Windows 8.1 - SOLVED !

Today I had a very strange issue. My beloved Visual Studio 2012 starts to behave weird. I did some update like Microsoft Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools 2013 and Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 - November 2014 Update. Yes, those updates are for my second install Visual Studio 2013 4 Update and as I can note for now VS2013 works well. But suddenly my version of Visual Studio 2012 becomes unresponsive when I run it. As I am connected to online TFS I only get windows like with "Working...." line of text in my TFS Explorer window.All other menu Items are frozen. I could only close started instance of VS2012.

After that I tried to repair installation, but in my Control Panel / Programs and Features there is no option when select Visual Studio installation to Repair. I just have 'Change' but even that I could not start (I tried several times on click nothing happens). So, the next step is to find solution on the internet, but there is no any simple solution. I tried a few but unsuccessfully. The last thing I choose to do Is to try to uninstall my VS2012 with CCleaner and when I choose 'Tools' - 'Uninstall' After selecting my version of VS2012, uninstalling started and there I got 'Repair' option besides 'Uninstall'. So I choose Repair and it's obviously working.
Clicking 'Change' and nothing happens.

Choose 'Tools' - 'Uninstall' and you will start VS2012 uninstall and also you will get option 'REPAIR'

Uninstalling ...

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