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Meteor Js Creating Package Windows CMD problem with a colon. SOLVED!

When creating a Meteor JS package on windows os  cmd there is a step where you need to create a directory for your package and on Unix os (linux)  it is okay to use : (colon in a name) creatorname:packagename ,  but in windows that is not acceptable.

So, to resolve this problem you don't need to create your package with a colon.  You can do just packagename "mkdir spackagename"  and then in your package.js in part Package.describe you can give full name with a colon.

  // Short two-sentence summary.
  summary: "The package is created for testing purposes only",

  // Version number major-version:minor-version:patch-version
  version: "1.0.1",

  // Optional.  Default is package directory name.
  name: "creatorname:packagename",

  // Optional github URL to your source repository.
  //git: "",

meteor create newpackage
cd newpackage
mkdir packages
cd packages
mkdir nezir:somepackage

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