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Visual Studio 2010 and jQuery sample of using ...

Hello   and  Happy New  Year 2010  . Best wishes  to all visitors of this most famous blog :)  (Let's  start New Year with joking )  

This time  I'll  show  you simple  sample of "How  to use jQuery in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2".

First  thing  for  all of  you  who did not  get yet  VS2010 Beta 2 ,  you can get  it  Visual Studio Beta 2 Download . I got  for my self a Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (.ISO) .

After you download and do install VS 2010  next thing you need is to download jQuery library  jQuery Download.

I  get  a DEVELOPMENT (120KB, Uncompressed Code)  version of file.

Next ,  we can start  with exercises .

Start  Visual studio IDE choose favorite IDE language / project settings after  that  we  Choose  File/New Web Site /  Empty Web Site template.

Next  we  create a Folder where  we  will put  our downloaded jQuery library,  I name it "Scripts"   and  script library (first  thing  I must  to do is  to rename the downloaded jQuery.txt  to  jQuery.js file).

After that  I  add Web page to project Default.aspx page and put on two  div and  button .

In  head  of our html code  I simple add reference  to jQuery library file,  and write little jQuery script:

This script  we use for  our demonstration of using jQuery in VS2010  it  is script  that make  toggling a div on button click.

We create a page like this  with div and image as background which doing a toggle show and hide on our button click

I think you can see all you need in provided screens hoots ...  for 2009 year this  is my last post .. bye :))
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  1. Thank's Rahul , I hope that my post are useful to people who need information on subject that I do in my everyday work ..

  2. ohh you all article is nice. good information about C# Development. nice blog layout also. good Information about all Visual Studio 2010 and jQuery