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Yes, Toshiba Satellite P875-S7310 Laptop contains two slots for two HDD (hard disk drives)

In last 2 and half years I use Toshiba satellite p875-s7310 laptop, and now it's time to change head with new crucial seed mx100 512 GB. After a few days of searching information about my laptop and how to do HDD cloning to say I couldn't find information does my laptop contains additional slots for the additional second HDD. So, when I finish the process of cloning HDD to set with external serial cable and when I open hard cover from the back of my laptop I see that there is one HDD and one empty slot for second HDD.

So for all of you who need this kind of information I can confirm "YES! SATELLITE P875-S7310 LAPTOP HAVE ADDITIONAL SLOT FOR SECOND HDD"

For more information if you need to do to cloning of your head to shed it's best to do that with HDClone 5 Enterprise Edition. I tried to use 4 other cloning tools, free and commercial, and all have some issue.
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